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Deskripsyon sa Produkto

The handheld laser welding machine is also called manual laser welding machine and optical fiber transmission laser welding machine. Different from the traditional hard light path laser welding machine, its laser energy transmission mode adopts soft optical fiber transmission, which greatly enhances the practicability of the machine. Generally, we equip the handheld laser welding machine with 10m optical fiber, and the moving radius is 10m, In addition, when the customer does not need to move the operation, the laser head can also be fixed on the support, which can realize the function of the laser welding machine with the traditional hard light path and enhance the practicability of the laser welding machine.

Welding principle

Hand held laser welding machine is a kind of laser welding machine equipment that couples high-energy laser beam into optical fiber, collimates it into parallel light through collimating mirror after long-distance transmission, and then focuses on the workpiece for welding. Flexible transmission non-contact welding is applied to the parts that are difficult to be accessed by welding, which has greater flexibility. The laser beam of optical fiber transmission laser welding machine can realize the light splitting in time and energy, and can process multiple beams at the same time, which provides conditions for more precise welding.

Advantage of Fiber laser welding machine

Optical fiber continuous laser welding machine has outstanding advantages such as high precision and high speed. The laser technology used, with its advantages of fast speed, firm and beautiful welds, can save labor costs, improve efficiency and bring new solutions for enterprises. Industrial PC control, simple operation, equipped with welding software and four-axis linkage workbench, the workpiece can move in a plane track, and can weld any plane graphics composed of straight line, circle, square or straight line and arc, which can be matched with automatic flow operation or manipulator welding. Intelligent operation mode, simple and convenient.