J21-80 C-Frame Mechanical Power Press Electric Punching Machine

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Panguna nga mga bahin:

1) This series of press frames are welded by steel plates, small deformation, good rigidity.

2) This series of machines adopts pneumatic friction clutch-brake combination, long service life, low noise, stable transmission. The six surfaces of the guide rail, precision is high, can prolong the life of die, die height adjustment is convenient and reliable, with emergency stop, inching, single and continuous operation specification.

3) Optional: PLC electrical control system, air cushion, photoelectric safety protection device.


1) Crankshaft can stop at any point during operation, Highest safety;

2) High precision; long life; low noise; Easy access to other equipment

3) Not easy to deform and has a large bearing capacity; 4) Increase the life of the mold

Mga Detalye nga Imahe


                                         Control panel                                                                                Electrical box

            PLC control system                                    Digital screen                                                Delta Transducer

Centralized automatic lubricating    Japan SHOWA SEIKI hydraulic overload           Germany Siemens motor

system                                                       protection


Punch widely used in electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, transportation, (automobile, motorcycle, bicycle) hardware parts stamping and forming. Basically be aimed at plank. Through the mold, we can make blanking, punching, forming, drawing, dressing, fine punching, shaping, riveting and extrusion parts and so on, widely used in various fields. For example, we use switch sockets, cups, cupboards, dishes, computer cases,  there are a lot of accessories can be produced by punching through the mold.