2022 NEW Portable Small Laser Welding Machine Made In China

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Deskripsyon sa Produkto

1. Machinery in the laser equipment industry, fill the gap in manual welding
2. Simple operation, beautiful welding beam, welding speed, no consumables
3. Welding stainless steel sheet, iron sheet, galvanized sheet, iron sheet and other metal
materials, which can completely replace traditional argon arc welding, electric
welding and other processes
4. It can be widely used in cabinets, kitchens, stairs, elevators, frames, ovens, stainless steel, steel door and window railings, distribution boxes, stainless steel homes, complex irregular welding, etc.

Parameter sa Produkto

ngalan sa produkto
Handheld laser welding machine
Gahum sa laser
1000W   1500W   2000W
Laser tinubdan
Welding head
Swing head/normal head
cooling system
Pagpabugnaw sa tubig
Matang sa laser
Fiber laser source
Adjustable power
power supply
Laser wavelength
1064nm, 1064nm
Mga sukat
warranty period
2 ka tuig
280 KG

Advantages of laser welding swing head

1.The process that the conventional head cannot complete, the jitter head only needs to use about 70% of the power, so the cost of the laser can be saved;
2.Through the galvanometer motor weaving back and forth, so that there are a lot of impurities in the bubbles can reduce bubbles,frying, splashing, etc.
3.In the case of irregular gaps, the requirements for fixtures can be reduced.
The welding gap of the conventional oscillatory joint is usually 0.2 mm, and the light directly exceeding this width passes through. The width of the welding gap of the swing head can reach 0.5mm, but the traditional welding head can only be welded to 0.2mm. There is no welding head of the galvanometer motor inside, so there is no swing.
The welding effect is not good, and the welding process is limited.

Welding Sample