Handheld Fiber Laser Welder Stainless Steel Portable Laser Welding Machine

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Laser tinubdan
Gahum sa laser
Ang gitas-on sa laser wave
1070 NM
24 hours
Operate mode
pagpadayon / modulate
Welding speed range
0~120 mm/s
Laser pulso gilapdon
Pagpabugnaw chiller
Pang-industriya nga tubig chiller
Hanay sa humidity sa palibot sa pagtrabaho
<70% Walay condensation
Sakup sa temperatura sa palibot sa pagtrabaho
15~35 ℃
Mga rekomendasyon sa gibag-on sa welding
Mga kinahanglanon sa welding gap
Working voltage
Mga sukat
1140*670*1400 mm

Mga bahin

1. Fast welding speed, 2-10 times faster than traditional welding

2. Smooth and even weld seam, no bubbles, large welding depth, no grinding

3. Solid welding, no deformation, no blackening

4. Can be used according to the processing needs of spot welding, butt welding, stack welding and other modes

5.Automatic fillet welding, less welding consumables

Welding method


Product details




Welding Gun

Pure copper material welding nozzle, overall light and flexible, integrated gas protection system, automatic wire feeding, long service life








Multiple parameter modes, large adjustment range, support for multi-language switching, stronger weld adjustability






Laser generator

Various brands available, fast speed, high efficiency, small heat affected area, high welding quality






Water cooler

Constant temperature chiller, dust-proof, anti-condensation, rapid cooling, to ensure constant temperature operation of equipment






Fiber optic nga kable

Extra-long branded fiber optic transmission line alang sa long-distance nga operasyon, halapad nga range, flexibility ug kasayon



Mga aplikasyon

Used for welding various stainless steel mirror characters, stainless steel brushed characters, stainless steel spherical characters, stainless steel paint characters, stainless steel spray characters, stainless steel solid characters, stainless steel electroplating characters, stainless steel gold foil characters, precision stainless steel characters, titanium flat characters, titanium spherical characters Advertisement words, Seiko titanium gold fonts, flat copper fonts, spherical copper fonts, red copper fonts, red copper antique fonts, seiko aluminum fonts, metal paint fonts (stainless steel strips, iron strips, low carbon steel strips), and metal fonts are welded to form. Lighting and mold industries, optoelectronic communication devices, medical, electronics, copper parts, aluminum parts and small welding processing industries.