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Product Descripion

Product Parameters

YUKM-1000W YUKM-1500W YUKM-2000W
Supply voltage(V)
220±10%   V   AC   50/60Hz
Placement environment
Flat, free from vibration and shock
Operating ambient temperature(°C)
Working environment humidity(%)
Pagpabugnaw mode
Applicable wavelength
Applicable power
Protective mirror specifications
Maximum support air pressure
Focus vertical adjustment range
Spot adjustment range
SUP15S 1.25KG/SUP20S 0.8KG


Mga bahin

1.This welding equipment can be used for complex and irregular welding of metal equipment, stainless steel households and other industries. The process of connecting, perfect replacement of traditional argon arc welding, electric welding in the welding of thin metal plates, iron plates, aluminum plates and other metal materials.
2.The internal design is dexterous, and the good interactive control system expands the tolerance range of the machined parts and the width of the weld seam, solves the disadvantage of small spot size and better weld formation.
3.The shape is light, the body engineering design method is adopted,and the grip is comfortable, the hand is easy to control and the operation is simple and easy to use.
4.With multiple safety alarms, it automatically locks light after removing the work piece, which is safe.
5.The weld is beautiful, fast, no consumables, no weld marks, no discoloration, no need for post-grinding.
6.A variety of angle nozzles can be configured to meet the welding needs of different products.

Welding effect

Application industry